Hello there and welcome to my blog! 🙂


I’m Ernie, a dreamer who lives in a small island in the East Malaysia.

I have started blogging since 2010 and this is actually my brand new blog on a new platform, after I have been blogging on the other platform for a few years. This time I have decided to create ernietomo.com as my new identity in the blogging world.

I like reading, travelling, photography, outdoor activities such as kayaking and hiking. I’m also super in love with coffee and a die hard fan of Hup Seng cream cracker. Room decor and baking are my favourite activities as well – besides cuddling with my pawsome Lucky.

This blog will be a medium for me to write about my personal experience, knowledge and thoughts on random things which includes education, career, business, travel, food, health and beauty. I would love to share with you guys the journey of my study, career and business. So much ups and downs, also lessons to be learned. We might share similar stories, so let me know if you went through the same situation as mine okay? That will make me feel relieved as I know I’m not alone in this journey 🙂

If you like what you see and read, please let’s be friends and stalk each other. Don’t forget to drop your comment and add me on any of my social links. Thank you for visiting my blog!