Good night.

Sebak pula bila baca caption kat salah satu post Instagram angkasawan pertama negara, Dato’ Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor. Caption ni ditulis sebagai ucapan hari lahir yang ke-1 tahun buat anak kembar lelaki beliau, Adam dan Noah.

Good night boys.

Sleep tight.

Sweet dream.

There’s so much life ahead.

Be strong and be bold.

Be kind and be helpful.

Be humble and respect your elders.

Never give up in life.

Work hard and be smart.

Dream big and never ever let go of your dream.

Believe in yourself.

Nothing is impossible.

Be a leader and a follower.

Learn from your mistakes and be a stronger person soon after.

Failure is not an option.

And most importantly believe in yourself and work very hard to achieve your dream.

You may be too young to understand but the time will come.

With dream comes believe.

With believe comes passion.

With passion comes hard work.

And that will turn into reality.

Never give up my sons for daddy will always be there for you.

A shoulder to lean on if needed.

I pray that you will take the path less taken with ease.

Love you boys as how I love my girls.

Happy 1st birthday Adam & Noah.

A beautiful message from a father to his children. Saya percaya ramai yang ambil caption Dr sebagai motivasi untuk diri sendiri juga. Kata-kata macam ni boleh membangkitkan semangat yang mungkin telah lama hilang atau memberi sinar harapan untuk memulakan hidup baru.

I still have lots of things pending to be achieved. I am eager to make it true but sometimes I feel like want to give up all of them as I didn’t see it coming. Soon I realized, that this journey is not just about ourselves only. You have to be very patient for today but you also need to keep fighting for tomorrow. On top of that, be thankful for everything.


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